How to Shop

You are on our website, which has all of our inventory! We also have a FREE app, in which 99% of our customers shop!

Download the JB Boutique App: The easiest way to shop all of our available inventory is to download the free JB Boutique App! 99% of our purchases come from our app and the majority of our customers prefer to shop on our free app! We live stream from both our app and our Facebook Business Page. The connection on the app is faster than Facebook and claiming items and checking out during a live sale is much easier on the app. The app also has thousands of items in stock with pictures of items on several bodies, detailed descriptions, and fit videos (or live history videos) explaining exactly how items fit.

Our app also has exclusive discount codes and products that cannot be found on any of our other shopping platforms.

You can use code JB20 off your first purchase! This code will only work on your first purchase and can only be used one time per customer.  We only allow each customer to have one account. 

You can search JB Boutique in the Apple and Android stores or use the links below to download our FREE app! We recommend logging in through Facebook to streamline your shopping experience.

Make sure your app notifications are turned ON so you don’t miss out on new arrivals! To do this, click account in the bottom right hand corner (the icon looks like a person), then notifications, and make sure it says enabled!



Or, just search JB BOUTIQUE in your apple and android App Store and our app will pop right up!